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About GlobexCam SMS: Professional SMS Marketing Provider

Who We Are

Formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience in computer telephony and the telecommunications industry, GlobexCamSMS is a premier provider of mobile data solutions. GlobexCamSMS performs software development, implementation, commissioning, operations support, consultation and turnkey provisioning of telecommunications solutions.


What We Do

GlobexCamSMS is a Mobile Business Application Messaging Provider for bulk SMS services, 2-way SMS and number context providing complete 'end-to-end' solutions for corporate mobile messaging, from application development and gateway provision to infrastructure management and professional consultancy.


Cloud Global Mobile Services | GlobexCamSMS

GlobexCamSMS (GlobexCam Company Limited) offers your business complete end-to-end bulk SMS solutions for developing and deploying real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers. Communicate and send messages to your customers, employees and prospective clients and use this bulk SMS solution to grow your business.