Who Uses SMS Marketing?What Types of Businesses are Using SMS?

Bulk SMS Service for Airlines, Aviation and Air Tickets Companies

Bulk SMS marketing is also proved to help airline and air ticket companies on the same system that they do online but in simpler way. First, airline companies can promote their airfare promos; they can also send alerts for various announcements such as flight cancellations, tips or instructions, payment approvals, various customer services etc. A short SMS message can be sent with the use and implementation of SMS gateway API. This system uses short codes and customers can respond to the SMS on a two-way bulk SMS messaging.

Airline companies may send bulk SMS via internet. From the admin area of your account, you can compose your message to send SMS online. SMS to bulk SMS sending can also be done when there is no access on the internet.

GlobexCamSMS make sure that their system is operational and effective so that the SMS are received by every contact on the directory list. SMS server software is used to make sure that the system can accommodate huge number of SMS sending in an instant. There are also storage systems to store those messages that are not received due to off cell phones or out of coverage networks and then send them once the cell phone is already able to receive.

This system is also made available for different businesses especially those small time industries with the use of SMS aggregators. SMS aggregators accommodates small chunk of SMS messages over bulk SMS messaging.

Airlines, Aviation and Air Tickets Companies can use SMS services for the following

  1. Mobile Ticketing: A ticket can be sent via SMS and acts as the paper ticket. A one-time password can be sent to the buyer's mobile phone to complete the online purchase for air ticket. So it helps to strengthen and enhance the security for airlines passengers but with a more cost-effective method.
  2. Staff Communications: Flight crews and staff are able to receive updated information (ie. scheduling information) on time regardless of where they are.
  3. Alerting: An SMS reminder can be sent to passengers about departure time, ensuring passengers get on board on time.
  4. Flight Delay / Cancellation: An SMS notifying flight delay can be sent to all relevant passengers to avoid any interruption.
  5. Promotion Notifications: Promotional messages (such as zero air fare) can be sent to the public to increase response rate during low season.
  6. Booking: Customers can easily book for flight tickets at anytime and anywhere with no internet connection required.
  7. Weather Information: Passengers get to know the latest weather information before boarding the plane.
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