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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to pay to open an account?

    Opening an account with GlobexCamSMS is FREE. You can then buy SMS units whenever you want to send out SMS messages.

  • How can I sign up or register for an account?

    To Register for GlobexCamSMS account, click on "Register" link at the top navigation bar or click here to register for your account now.

    A registration page opens up, enter an Account Name of your choice in the text box provided and fill in other details. Then click the "Register" button at the end of the form to submit your registration.

    After a successful completion of your online registration form, an email will be sent to you email to confirm your registration. Your account login details will also be emailed to you where you would now be able to log into your account.

  • How can I make the payment or top-up my account?

    You can top-up your SMS account via Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Western Union, Express Union, Express Exchange, Moneybookers (Skrill), Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Mobile Money... etc
    Click here for full details.

  • Do you charge any monthly charges or start up fees?

    No. It is FREE to register and you only pay for message credits.

  • Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

    There are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits when you need more.

  • Am I able to trial the service before I buy some credits?

    Yes. We can offer you a completely FREE demo so that you can see just how good our service is. Simply register online or contact us and we will set up an account for you!

  • What format should mobile numbers be in

    Ideally mobile numbers should be in International format without the leading '00' or '+'. For example; 44xxxxxxxxx or 237xxxxxxxxx.

  • Can I get delivery reports for messages sent by me?

    Yes, for each SMS sent by you the status report on the website is updated upon delivery of the message.

  • What are the benefits of GlobexCamSMS when compared to other SMS service providers?

    GlobexCamSMS offers you a highly competitive price and negotiation advantage as an individual or organization based on the volume of SMS units you wish to purchase.

    It provides Application Programming Interface (API) solution for already existing SMS system.

    It offers high quality service and speedy SMS delivery rate with comprehensive reports that help you to know if your messages are delivered or not.

    It gives you the ability to schedule a message to be delivered at a particular day of the month at the time you specified.. The above are just few of the uniqueness and benefits of GlobexCamSMS to other SMS service providers

  • What is the maximum length of an SMS message that I can send?

    Standard SMS messages are 160 characters long. But GlobexCamSMS has a feature that makes it possible for you to type more than 160 characters for a single message you are sending out. The system simply wraps your messages and send everything to your recipient phone inbox. Please note that the system charges 160 character message as one credit unit and charges your account with 2 credit units when the message exceeds 160 characters.

  • Is there a limit on how many messages I can send per time?

    No, you can send as many messages as you want and to as many people as you want at the same time.

  • What are the advantages of your SMS service?

    Single and Bulk Messaging
    Grouping Functionality
    Low Per Message Fee
    Zero up front cost
    Fast Delivery

  • How do I enter a mobile phone number in the "TO" or "Receiver's" field?

    Enter the country code, area code and the mobile phone number without the leading zero zero or +. For example 23777883061

  • Do I get notified when my credits are low?

    YES. You can set this option in your account.

  • Do you offer technical Support?

    YES, we have technical staff available 24 Hours a day should you notice a problem with our service. Technical support is also available from support [AT] globexcamsms.com, during extended office hours.

  • How will I know which of my customers received the message and that I'm sending it to valid mobile numbers?

    It's important to regularly maintain you contact list to both ensure that you aren't wasting time and money sending messages to invalid numbers and that the customer is happy to receive your offers and promotions. We provide you with reports that detail which numbers received the message.

  • How to send SMS in Bulk (File2SMS)

    Login to your SMS account. On the main menu, click on "Messaging" and click on "File2SMS" from the drop down list.

    Attach your excel file as shown on the image below:

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 12 30 11

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 12 39 13

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 12 52 47

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 13 03 01

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 13 07 15


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  • How to Schedule SMS to send in Future

    You need to follow the steps on this article: How to send SMS in Bulk (File2SMS)

    NOTE: On the 2nd step, make sure to click on Sechduled Job as seen on the image below:

    File2SMS 2015 06 17 12 52 47b

  • How to connect your system to our API

    Our API is very easy to be used by any solution.

    Learn more here

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