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Bulk SMS

GlobexCamSMS’ corporate messaging services is built to bridge corporation and executive’s needs to achieve simple, cost effective and immediate delivery of messages to their prospects, customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers and friends.


Connecting to GlobexCamSMS means connecting to 800+ operators in 190+ countries on all continents. To put it short, the World.



You can choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to your business' needs.



Our dedicated and skilled support team is at your disposal 24/7, making sure your business always runs smoothly.


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GlobexCam SMS Gateway Solutions. Global Connectivity.

Ideal for sending large numbers of messages directly from a database or other content provider applications, The GlobexCam SMS Gateway Messaging service allows you to send high volume of text messages at low cost, in real time. GlobexCamSMS mobile services cloud covers over 800 mobile networks across 190 countries.

Our API provides direct access to GlobexCam SMS Gateway through standard messaging protocols for any type of integration. It provides organizations, corporate IT professionals and application developers the flexibility to create customized SMS applications and messages that suit their different requirements.

Free Private-Label Reseller Platform

Our reseller programme includes a complete set of white-labelled tools, high-level education and 24/7 technical support. Ideal for companies that emphasizes corporate branding or would like to add-value to its current services. Through this platform, the company can have their own branded SMS website. They can create individual account for their employees, branches/outlets, or even their suppliers or vendors to send SMS. Learn more
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Bulk SMS Basic Features

  • Easy to Use.
  • Message History.
  • Unicode Support.
  • Schedule Delivery.
  • Unlimited Sender IDs.
  • Group Messaging / SMS Blast.
  • Personal or Group Address Book.
  • Send messages in multilingual characters.
  • Allows you to send thousands of SMS with one click.
  • Flexible Sender ID settings to cater for different messages.
  • Scheduled message delivery to allow campaign/event planning.
  • Keep track of what, when and to whom your messages have been sent.
  • Send text messages anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any PC/Laptop with Internet connections.
  • Equipped with unlimited entries, you can add, import, edit, delete, and manage your contacts and groups in your address book.

Bulk SMS for a Fast & Personal Mobile Communication

Send notifications, advertise and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS.
Deliver messages from your computer, tablet, mobile device or server quickly and easily, through the world's largest SMS messaging network built and operated by industry experts with 10+ years' experience.


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