Number Context / HLR LookupImprove the Health of Your Database

Number Context / HLR Lookup

HLR Lookup is a service to check the validity of a mobile number and identify the networks that each number is subscribed to. Most importantly, it helps to check if the phone is still active in terms of numbers validity, barred, original network name, ported number to other mobile network and etc.

HLR works best when you wish to clean your database. Hence, you can significantly reduce your marketing costs by weeding out bad or inactive numbers – ensuring your messages are successfully sent to the target group.

With Number Context, you can determine:

  • which numbers are currently active
  • is the mobile number in roaming
  • is the mobile number ported or not
  • the optimal route for messages and voice
  • the type of number (e.g. landline, machine-to-machine, mobile etc.)

Our cloud provides global connectivity over trusted operator partners and enables a reach to national number portability databases, with information obtained in real time.


    United States of America +1 (718) 770-3665    United KingdomGreat Britain +44-2037699519    South Afriica +27-115682441    Cameroon +237-670858799


Pick your package!

Pick a Number Context package which best fits your business type. We’re offering three distinct packages tailor made for three types of enterprise clients.

Database Cleansing

Designed for companies with large number databases, our Database Cleansing package enables identifying unused and inactive numbers.



Developed to resolve number portability issues for various company types, this package enables real-time number portability lookups to optimise message and voice routing. It includes all features of the Database Cleansing package.



Primarily created to serve the financial client segment, the package provides roaming information for optimised routing, prevention of ATM frauds and much more.

Who uses Number Context?

Banks, financial institutions, VoIP providers, call centres, analytics companies, and others use GlobexCamSMS Number Context to clean their databases and keep them healthy. By doing this, they cut costs, optimise billing processes and avoid costly interworking fees.

Integrate in no time

Quick integration can be done over APIs. Connect to our platform and start using Number Context in no time. Our 24/7/365 expert technical support is always on call to help you with any issue or question you might have.

Number Validation - Improve SMS delivery rate

Number Context or HLR Lookup service helps you keep your mobile numbers database up to date.

Mobile subscribers often change numbers, go into roaming and change providers while retaining their original phone number. Knowing which mobile numbers are in use and available, or which network your client is currently using can greatly improve accuracy and cost effectiveness for many types of businesses.


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