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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Argentina | Reseller Option Available

SMS Text Messaging Services in Argentina

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS in Argentina

GlobexCamSMS lets you send SMS text messages to a range of networks in Argentina and to over 190 countries worldwide. You can choose to send directly from your PC, your Bulk SMS web account, your phone, or even connect your systems application to our messaging server. GlobexCamSMS aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in Argentina to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM. Learn more


2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS Messaging in Argentina

Now, receiving SMS is not longer a problem. With GlobexCamSMS' 2-way messaging solution in Argentina, you will be able to receive replies from your clients and auto reply them based on certain keywords of your choice to identify various messages. Besides, you can also alter / delete those received messages as per your need. Get a shared or dedicated number to send and receive SMS from Argentina. Use a fully-featured 2-Way SMS messaging service for communication and interaction with your clients in Argentina. Learn more


HLR Lookup

Number Context / HLR Lookup in Argentina

HLR Lookup is a service to check the validity of a mobile number and identify the networks that each number is subscribed to. Most importantly, it helps to check if the phone is still active in terms of numbers validity, barred, original network name, ported number to other mobile network and etc. Knowing which mobile numbers are in use and available in Argentina, or which network your client is currently using can greatly improve accuracy and cost effectiveness for many types of businesses. Learn more


Send bulk SMS to Argentina and internationally at the best and cheapest price. Free white label sms reseller available

Becoming a Private Label Bulk SMS Reseller in Argentina

Our Private Label SMS Marketing program in Argentina allows you to white label the best text message marketing platform in the business. When you join our Free Private Label Program you can have a Bulk SMS Website with your own branding, set your own pricing and contact information. You replace all GlobexCamSMS branding with your own creative look & feel. Our Argentina bulk SMS reseller programme gives you a complete set of specialised technologies and tools for running a professional SMS business. Learn more .


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No contracts. No Hidden fees. Pay as you go.
Money back guarantee – we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits if you are in any way unhappy with the service provided.
Access all GlobexCamSMS products and features through one account.
Reliable, Fast and High Quality SMS Gateway Delivery to all Networks.

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Bulk SMS Basic Features

Easy to Use. Message History. Unicode Support. Schedule Delivery. Unlimited Sender IDs. Group Messaging / SMS Blast. Personal or Group Address Book. Send messages in multilingual characters. Allows you to send thousands of SMS with one click. Flexible Sender ID settings to cater for different messages. Scheduled message delivery to allow campaign/event planning. Keep track of what, when and to whom your messages have been sent. Send text messages anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any PC/Laptop with Internet connections. Equipped with unlimited entries, you can add, import, edit, delete, and manage your contacts and groups in your address book. Learn more


Some Coverage

GlobexCamSMS offer the Best Reliable, Affordable, Fast and High Quality Argentina SMS Gateway Delivery to all Networks in Argentina. View full SMS coverage.

Prefix City
54-291 Bahia Blanca (54-291) Send Bulk SMS to Bahia Blanca | SMS Gateway Bahia Blanca
54-11 Buenos Aires (54-11) Send Bulk SMS to Buenos Aires | SMS Gateway Buenos Aires
54-351 Cordoba (54-351) Send Bulk SMS to Cordoba | SMS Gateway Cordoba
54-3794 Corrientes (54-3794) Send Bulk SMS to Corrientes | SMS Gateway Corrientes
54-2224 Glew (54-2224) Send Bulk SMS to Glew | SMS Gateway Glew
54-221 La Plata (54-221) Send Bulk SMS to La Plata | SMS Gateway La Plata
54-2323 Lujan (54-2323) Send Bulk SMS to Lujan | SMS Gateway Lujan
54-223 Mar Del Plata (54-223) Send Bulk SMS to Mar Del Plata | SMS Gateway Mar Del Plata
54-261 Mendoza (54-261) Send Bulk SMS to Mendoza | SMS Gateway Mendoza
54-299 Neuquen (54-299) Send Bulk SMS to Neuquen | SMS Gateway Neuquen
54-3434 Parana (54-3434) Send Bulk SMS to Parana | SMS Gateway Parana
54-2304 Pilar (54-2304) Send Bulk SMS to Pilar | SMS Gateway Pilar
54-3624 Resistencia (54-3624) Send Bulk SMS to Resistencia | SMS Gateway Resistencia
54-341 Rosario (54-341) Send Bulk SMS to Rosario | SMS Gateway Rosario
54-3874 Salta (54-3874) Send Bulk SMS to Salta | SMS Gateway Salta
54-264 San Juan (54-264) Send Bulk SMS to San Juan | SMS Gateway San Juan
54-2664 San Luis (54-2664) Send Bulk SMS to San Luis | SMS Gateway San Luis
54-2494 Tandil (54-2494) Send Bulk SMS to Tandil | SMS Gateway Tandil
54-800 Toll-free (54-800) Send Bulk SMS to Toll-free | SMS Gateway Toll-free
54-381 Tucuman (54-381) Send Bulk SMS to Tucuman | SMS Gateway Tucuman
54-2657 Villa Mercedes (54-2657) Send Bulk SMS to Villa Mercedes | SMS Gateway Villa Mercedes

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  • "I must say GlobexCamSMS is my best SMS marketing provider"

    Their Bulk SMS system is perfect and can manage all types of businesses. I registered as a Bulk SMS / Web SMS user, but I will upgrade to a reseller and benefit from the wholesale rates. Thanks!

    image Martin McDouglas
  • "Best SMS marketing platform with fast support team"

    What I really like is the personalized SMS feature. I send more than 50,000 bulk SMS at once and each of my clients receive the SMS addressing them personally. Talking about their support, they are fast to reply to my tickets and are always online to chat directly with their clients.

    image Jerry Andrews
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